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In the sunshine room we have up to 16 two year olds who are on a ratio of at least 1 member of staff to every 4 children. Our Sunshines are developing their own ideas and forming friendships through the games and resources on offer and staff support them as their communication and language skills start to progress more quickly. At this age, children may achieve many of their own personal milestones such as potty training and staff offer lots of support to parents and praise and encouragement to the children as they try new challenges. 

Our Rainbows are ages from 3 to 5 on a ratio of 1 member of staff to 6 children and are confident explorers as well as critical thinkers. Our older children thrive on being given tasks that they can be responsible for and staff are not only supporting the skills they need to be ready for in the next step of “big school” but are also developing the qualities and values they will need for the future. Staff encourage the children to make choices, develop their creativity and extend their learning at every opportunity.

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